Study claims an ‘anti-universe’ where time is backwards may exist next to ours

Study claims an ‘anti-universe’ where time is backwards may exist next to ours

According to a new study, a “anti-universe” where time goes backwards could exist alongside ours.

The idea is based on the fact that nature includes fundamental symmetries, which experts believe could apply to the entire cosmos. The hypothesis was discussed in the Annals of Physics publication.

It goes over a common physics concept known as Charge, Parity, and Time (CPT) symmetry. CPT symmetry is recognized as one of the laws of physics and means things like charge and time can be inverted after a transformative process.

Scientists think the Big Bang, which created the universe, was definitely transformational, and so the CPT theory could apply. The researchers believe that before the Big Bang, there was a ‘backwards universe,’ which was later inverted to form the cosmos we live in today.

They explained: “We investigate the idea that the universe before the Big Bang is the CPT reflection of the universe after the bang, both classically and quantum mechanically.”

And, added: “The universe before the bang and the universe after the bang may be viewed as a universe/anti-universe pair, emerging directly into the hot, radiation-dominated era we observe in our past.

“This, in turn, leads to a remarkably economical explanation of the cosmological dark matter.”

According to the wild theory, the presence of dark matter in our world isn’t so mysterious after all. The scientists propose that dark matter is made up of right-handed neutrinos, a type of ghostly particle. Neutrino particles exist in our universe, but they only spin left.

Scientists find it strange that they haven’t discovered a version that spins to the right, as the principles of physics suggest they should.

The researchers believe that the appropriate spinning particles may be invisible in our universe and are simply represented by dark matter.

Little is known about dark matter in the cosmos, except that it is invisible but has a physical influence on other objects.

Researchers think investigating neutrino particles and dark matter further could potentially be a step in proving the ‘anti-universe’ theory.

Scientists do not believe humans will be able to visit the suggested ‘anti-universe’ because it occurred before the Big Bang.

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8 months ago

Lobe seeing this. My favorite subject in school was my science class. Love watching the stars. Enjoy your commentary

Sharon Parker
Sharon Parker
8 months ago

I have been studying the cosmos for many years. It is my passion. Would love to talk to an astrophysicist. Bought the book “Cosmic queries” written by Neil DeGrasse Tyson recently. I don’t believe that “God” created the world. Ridiculous!

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