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The UFO Enigma: A Mystery That Presents a Strong Image, But That May Really be Weak

People frequently claim that the UFO phenomenon is widespread and that “they” are here to assist us. That could very well be the case. On the other hand, there’s a case to be made that the mystery isn’t quite as friendly as many people believe it is. In fact, the visitors could be weak entities that are afraid of us, but who have invented ingenious ways to appear to be years ahead of us. Take, for example, the number of UFO sightings that have occurred over military bases. There are numerous examples of this type of situation.

That’s what I’m going to tell you about today. We know for certain that the United States was swamped with reports, sightings, and encounters during the summer of 1947, many of which involved military installations. There were a number of significant sightings of UFOs at what was once known as the White Sands Proving Ground in New Mexico during the same 1947 wave (and that, today, is titled the White Sands Missile Range). What if the real story behind these events was far stranger? Consider this: just because the “visitors” had technology that was decades ahead of ours in 1947 (and now) doesn’t mean they had a massive fleet of ships. Perhaps, it was the exact opposite: that they had a limited number of ships, but carefully managed to make it look like they were all over the place by placing one incident here, one there, and so on.

Driving by the White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico

Perhaps the various – and well-known – cases of UFO sightings in close proximity to military and government facilities over the years have been nothing more than staged events designed to demonstrate their power, when, in reality, they may be quite vulnerable in terms of numbers and power. Let’s take a look at some other UFO “invasion” stories with military tiesconnections. The CIA and the Air Force were deeply troubled by the strange and fantastic UFO events that occurred over Washington, D.C. in July 1952. And it was for very strange and unusual reasons that had nothing to do with actual alien invasions or visits.

“Sightings of unexplained objects at great altitudes and traveling at high speeds in the vicinity of major U.S. defense installations [italics mine] are of such nature that they are not attributable to natural phenomena or known types of aerial vehicles,” CIA Assistant Director H. Marshall Chadwell wrote in a classified report on UFO activity in American airspace on December 2, 1952.

In 1957, the United Kingdom was hit by a similar wave. On March 26 of that year, something extraordinary happened. “A report was received from Royal Air Force Church Lawford on 26th March, 1957 of a sighting of an unusual nature,” according to UK Air Ministry documentation (now in the public domain at the National Archives). The object was moving at a rate of over 1400 miles per hour. This was unusual in and of itself because the object had accelerated from a standstill [italics mine]. Although no explanation has yet been found for this sighting, a supplementary report was requested and received from Church Lawford this afternoon, including a copy of the radar plot.”

The craft, which was described as a Flying Saucer, came perilously close to the base. Radar operators at Balscalloch, Scotland reported to RAF West Freugh, Wigtownshire, on the morning of April 4, 1957, that they had detected a number of “unidentified objects on the screens of their radars,” according to now-declassified British Royal Air Force documents housed at the National Archives, Kew, England. And it was clear right away that this wasn’t a Cold War-style invasion of British airspace by Soviet spy planes or bombers. The mystified radar operators were shocked to see a large, stationary object hovering at 50,000 feet that then proceeded to ascend vertically to no less than 70,000 feet as they watched their screens. The U.K. was also hit with a similar UFO wave in 1967.

Then there’s the UFO avalanche that hit the United States in 1973 and 1974. The US Department of Defense (DoD) was particularly interested in the encounters at the time. “Spanish UFO Sightings” is the most fascinating file. It was discovered in the US Defense Intelligence Agency’s archives in the 1980s (DIA). It’s a collection of data obtained specifically from Spanish newspapers by the Department of Defense, and it provides a noteworthy and useful look at that large wave of activity.

“During the period September 1973 to June 1974, a rash of UFOs appeared over Spain, and sightings were reported by various types of people,” the Department of Defense said. These sightings are summarized in the table below. The date is September 11th, 1973. El Ferrol del Caudillo is the location. Bright, circular, with two hoops, and what appeared to be feet on the bottom part. A powerful light was emitted. Observer: A variety of people. Remarks: Was motionless during the observation period. Date: December 11th, 1973 (early morning). Malaga is the location. The light was intense red and circular, like a flying saucer. Observer: Residents of Malaga’s Salitro and Cuarteles Streets. Remarks: “Remained silent for about 15 minutes before abruptly departing for Torremolinos.”

A year later, in 1975, a mysterious wave of mysterious helicopters was seen near US bases, a mystery that was never fully resolved. Some might argue that the Rendlesham Forest incident in December 1980 was a similar case: a planned, theoretical ruse to make aliens appear powerful in the presence of trained military personnel. The 1989/1990 sightings of “Black Flying Triangles,” which left the Belgian military perplexed and concerned, are also noteworthy.

In all of these cases, we can assume that whoever was behind them put on spectacular shows for us on purpose. They desired to be noticed. They wanted to show off their power, which they may or may not have had. However, they appeared to be all-powerful to our wide eyes and by flying over top-secret installations. And there had to have been a lot of high-risk gambling on their part. It’s possible that the alien phenomenon – if that’s what it was/is – isn’t what it appears to be. Our strange visitors may be attempting to make it appear as if we are here, there, and everywhere, and that they are equipped with technology far superior to ours. And, by successfully manifesting around sensitive sites time and again, our world leaders probably believe the invaders are the stronger ones. But, in reality, we might have the upper hand – if only we knew it.

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Don Nance
Don Nance
10 months ago

The U.S. is using A.I. Technology to discover our military weaknesses and to discover military and public reactions. Lazar projections can fool the eye into thinking there are UFOs capable of hovering and accelerating at great speeds without making any noise.
Time to wake up, folks.

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