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The Internet Can’t Stop Trolling Flat-Earthers With Hilarious Memes

The Millenials are the only generation that thinks it knows everything. And, yes, the secrets of the Universe have been revealed, including the true shape of the Earth.

A study conducted by YouGovUS has revealed that millennials between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four are very likely than any response to the question ‘Is the Earth flat or round in shape? A response of Flat (4%). Sincerely, our historical selves have not thought the shape of the earth is still arguable.

Flat Earth in space with sun and moon

Flat-earthers, on the other hand, are out there spreading their not-so-level knowledge despite clear scientific proof. Some people have even formed the ‘Flat Earth Society.’ With the flat earth philosophy henchmen, NASA remains the one to be blamed for the belief that the Earth is indeed round.

#1 Crazy Nature

Crazy Nature

#2 Say It Again

Say It Again

#3 Cat Overlords

Cat Overlords

#4 Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

#5 Forbidden Image

Forbidden Image

#6 Star Shape

Star Shape

#7 Flatearthers


#8 Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

#9 Sorry To Bother You

Sorry To Bother You

#10 Embrace The Curves

Embrace The Curves

#11 …Mission Control?

...Mission Control?

#12 Undeniable Logic

Undeniable Logic

#13 Checkmate


#14 The Best Proof

The Best Proof

#15 Flat Brain Society

Flat Brain Society

#16 Flat Earth Memes

Flat Earth Memes

#17 The Creation

The Creation

#18 The Pant Question

The Pant Question

#19 Flat Picture

Flat Picture

#20 Flat Earth Logic

Flat Earth Logic

#21 Definitely Flat

Definitely Flat

#22 Finding New Shapes

Finding New Shapes

#23 Future Isn’t So Bright

Future Isn't So Bright

#24 Winning Match

Winning Match

#25 Columbus Expedition

Columbus Expedition

#26 The Map Is A Lie

The Map Is A Lie

#27 Brain Fixer

Brain Fixer

#28 Geography


#29 If The Earth Is Flat

If The Earth Is Flat

#30 So, So Wrong

So, So Wrong

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9 months ago

Hilarious….😂😂😂….all of them…!!!!!… 😂😂😂

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