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A Mini Ice Age Is Coming? New Research Reveals The Sun Will Lose 7% Of Its Power In About 30 Years

A new scientific study has just been published that demonstrates a phenomena known as the solar “grand minimum.”

Also known as the “prolonged sunspot minimum,” it is a period when the Sun’s magnetic force weakens, sunspots become much less common, and less UV radiation reaches Earth, allowing for random changes in the Sun’s magnetic field. All of this can lead to extremely chilly temperatures for humans, as well as making the Sun appear weaker.

The Sun is already on an 11-year up/down cycle, but this grand minimum will be particularly chilly since the Sun’s activity will be lower than the regular 11-year low. This leads to colder temperatures for some parts of the world.

How cold is it? According to estimates based on a study of previous sunspot decreases nearing a grand minimum phase, we’ll see a 7% drop in the Sun’s light and heat — which, remember, is 7% less than the lowest of the 11-year cycle that we generally observe.

Such a low point occurred about the middle of the 17th century. The corresponding cold temperatures saw the river Thames freeze, as well as the Baltic Sea, allowing a Swedish army to infiltrate Denmark by rushing across the ice. This was known as the “Maunder Minimum” (from the names of two well-respected solar astronomers at the time, Anne Russel Maunder and Edward Walter Maunder).

At the same time, Alaska and Southern Greenland warmed due to the weakening of the Earth’s stratospheric ozone layer, which influences wind and weather patterns around the world.

The exact timing and magnitude of the tragedy are still being debated, although all evidence point to a bottoming out around the year 2050. However, it might begin as early as 2030. For background, the Maunder Minimum lasted from approximately 1645 until 1715.

Will it be able to save us from global warming? The same scientists aren’t convinced.

“The cooling effect of a grand minimum is only a fraction of the warming effect induced by the growing quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,” according to the study.

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