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Human-Safe Wormholes Could Exist in the Real World, Study Finds

Sci-fi writers have long leaned on the wormhole as an important plot device. It’s a rapid way of transporting characters across vast distances in spacetime in a couple of seconds. For decades, theorists such as Albert Einstein and Kip Thorne have pondered the existence of these spacetime portals, but no one has been able to […]

One of Stephen Hawking’s Most Famous Theories About Black Holes Just Suffered a Huge Blow

The Hyper-Suprime-Cam captured this image of the Andromeda Galaxy. A recent snapshot of Andromeda discovered only one signal that could have originated from a medium-sized primordial black hole or one produced shortly after the Big Bang. (Image credit: Copyright HSC-SSP and NAOJ) One of Stephen Hawking’s most famous hypotheses on dark matter — that this […]

Looks Like There Could Be 35 Other Alien Civilizations in Our Galaxy

For centuries, scientists have searched the universe for cosmic clues as to whether or not we are alone. According to new estimates, there may be more active civilizations out there—but not many. The Drake equation, established by astronomer Frank Drake in the 1960s, is a formula that many researchers use to estimate the probability that […]

Aliens on 1,000 nearby stars could see us, new study suggests

According to new research, there are over 1,000 star systems where aliens, if they exist, could be watching us from afar. Those 1,004 star systems are in clear view of our planet and close enough to detect not just the planet Earth, but also chemical traces of Earthly life. Astronomers have discovered exoplanets orbiting distant […]

A Bizarre Form of Water May Exist All Over the Universe

The finding of superionic ice may provide an answer to the question of what large frozen planets like Uranus and Neptune are comprised of. They’re expected to have gaseous, mixed-chemical outer shells, a liquid layer of ionized water at the bottom, a solid layer of superionic ice making up the majority of their interiors, and […]

Hubble Space Telescope traces 5 mysterious ‘fast radio bursts’ to distant spiral galaxies

Hubble Space Telescope observations have added weight to a theory that explains mysterious radio energy bursts. Five fast radio bursts (FRBs) were tracked down to the spiral arms of five distant galaxies by the long-running observatory. Because the bright flares fade so fast, FRBs are notoriously difficult to trace, and astronomers have only detected approximately […]

Black holes may not exist, but fuzzballs might, wild theory suggests

By far the most mysterious objects in the universe are black holes. They are objects in the cosmos where all of our knowledge of physics completely breaks down. Nonetheless, they exist, despite their apparent impossibility. But what if these gravitational monsters aren’t black holes at all, but rather fuzzy, vibrating balls of string? New research […]

Upward-shooting ‘blue jet’ lightning spotted from International Space Station

Scientists on the International Space Station spotted a bright-blue lightning bolt shooting upward from thunderclouds. Blue jets can be difficult to see from the ground because they explode from the tops of thunderclouds. However, scientists may look down from space at this cerulean lightshow. Instruments aboard the space station captured a blue jet shooting out […]

Octopus-like creatures inhabit Jupiter’s moon, claims space scientist

Professor Monica Grady, a British scientist, recently came out in favor of extraterrestrial life on Europa. Europa, the solar system’s sixth largest moon, may offer optimal conditions for life under its miles of ice. The moon is one of Jupiter’s 79. Alien hunting is a hopeful activity and one of the reasons why the public […]