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The Moon Has Enough Oxygen to Sustain 8 Billion People For 100,000 Years

Although the moon has an atmosphere, it is extremely thin and primarily composed of hydrogen, neon, and argon. This is not a gaseous mixture that can support oxygen-dependent species like humans. There is an abundance of oxygen on the Moon. It is just not in a gaseous state. Rather, it is trapped within regolith, the […]

A Mini Ice Age Is Coming? New Research Reveals The Sun Will Lose 7% Of Its Power In About 30 Years

A new scientific study has just been published that demonstrates a phenomena known as the solar “grand minimum.” Also known as the “prolonged sunspot minimum,” it is a period when the Sun’s magnetic force weakens, sunspots become much less common, and less UV radiation reaches Earth, allowing for random changes in the Sun’s magnetic field. […]

Watch: Rare Footage Of Greenland Shark Alive For Over 500 Years Old

Scientists made a surprising discovery when they discovered a shark that was estimated to be at least 392 years old. Yes, a Greenland shark has been discovered in the Arctic region, and it may be the world’s oldest living animal. The findings were reported in the journal Science. The researchers measured the creature and calculated […]

This Simple 3-Minute Animation Will Change Your Perception of Time Forever

We all know that Earth is old, but it’s hard to put into perspective just how old it is. After all, what does 4.5 billion years really mean? How do you even comprehend that amount of time with our short-lived human brains? Well, Business Insider has done a pretty incredible job of it in this […]